Your privacy is under attack!

Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data is recorded. Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking cookies to make a record of your search terms, the time of your visit, and the links you choose – then they store that information in a giant database.

Tracking your searches can erode your privacy and lead to censorship.

Here is a new Search Engine that protects your privacy by not collecting browsing information on you when you’re on the internet.  It is called Loobeta, check it out here.
Loobeta is a solid other search engines replacement, and it doesn’t track or target your IP address or search history. You don’t have to worry about targeted search results or being trapped in a filter bubble, which actually means you get more results.

Loobeta is a popular search engine for the privacy-conscious. As its privacy page says,

  • Loobeta doesn’t log any personally identifiable information.
  • Loobeta doesn’t use cookies to identify you, and it discards user agents and IP addresses from its server logs.
  • Loobeta doesn’t event attempt to generate an anonymized identifier to tie searches together
  • Loobeta has no way of knowing whether two searches even came from the same computer.

Editor’s Note: if you want a search engine that respects your privacy and is also great, Loobeta is your choice. We listed out some other options on this page, but this is the one you want. It’s also clean, and has great search results.

Its home page is simple and clean.

Compatible with PCs and Macs, how about saving it as your homepage.  Hope this helps keep your life private and appologies if it has been posted here before now.