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Loobeta.com is a website for searching all webs on the internet. It is commonly known as Search Engine. Loobeta.com, which is founded and managed in Indonesia, is the World Information Search Engines sourced from sites all over the world and is intended for internet users in Indonesia.

In addition to providing web search services, Loobeta also provides several application services like ONLINE STORE, JOBS INFORMATION, ELROCK CUSTOM INK, EARTH PICTURE GALLERY and ADVERTISING.

Why Use Loobeta.com?

Loobeta.com site is presented to provide an alternative internet searching for the world community. As an International-based site, Loobeta.com focuses more on the contents or materials sourced from Indonesian websites or sites that have an interface in Indonesian.

Loobeta.com always strives to be usable by all people. Loobeta presents with advertisement/promotion that allows every person to have access to information on all types of businesses and existing businesses in Indonesia. Thus, Loobeta reiterates its vision as a vehicle to disseminate information to all Indonesian people.

To maintain the quality of search results, we search the entire sites that have been through the evaluation process manually. These sites are worthy referenced. It satisfies the requirements we specify in Web Directories or other related services. We will periodically explore and gather information from the sites that have been selected and present the data according to the needs of our visitors.



Urban village of Oetete, Kupang City
East Nusa Tenggara, 85112

Email: cs@loobeta.com
Facebook  Fan Page: Loobeta


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